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Period of explosions of all colors, mixing different styles and designs, when I tried to break up the expected complete whole, a bit alternative and punk, folk music and sport together, I am currently in a row)

The current collection is marked by excellence and tricolor color contrasts, black-Biala .. I try to charm the visibility, comfort and elegance with fine results extravagance, humor and mild outrage, in any sense of the word ..
Clothes must be comfortable, however, shear interesting sport with a hint of shine and space ..
Loading various things into stories, whether comic book images in your pockets, or
neon thread embroidered on stories by various texts, clear color in the hood
and casual nariasenost by color rubber are the main attributes of my momentary expression marks yaxi taxi ..
The variety of dresses associated with each daily expression of proceedings ...
Worked for me is to create and therefore play)

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About Us

Yaxi Taxi